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How to solve the Google Doodle Rubik Cube

From the outset, the Rubik’s Cube just looks down
right intimidating. It looks like there are six
different sides, composed of 54 colored tiles that
can be moved and rotated in an almost infinite
number of ways. In reality, a Rubik’s Cube is
actually much simpler. There are eight corner
pieces, which can only be moved from corner to
corner. There are 12 edge pieces, which can only be
moved from edge to edge. And there are six central
pieces that can be rotated in-place, but never moved.

This means that each face always has a
predesignated color, and that the white side is always
next to the orange side (for example). It also
means each of the six faces can have a fixed
designation (up, down, front, back, left, right).
If the orange center piece is facing upwards, then the
opposing red center piece is facing downwards — likewise,
if the front face is white, then the back is yellow.
It’s useful to try and keep each face/color combination in your head.

Making your first moves: Solving the upper face

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