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The Built-In Keyboard Shortcuts of Facebook

If you see Facebook as a benevolent time-waster, 
why not waste your time more efficiently when you're there?
 Hit Alt+1 for the home page, Alt+? to search,
 or Alt+M for a new message.

Aside from Alt+M and Alt+?, most of Facebook's keyboard 
shortcuts line up with numbers. 1-5 will take you (roughly)
 from left-to-right on Facebook's navigation links across 
the top of your Facebook page. 6-0 will navigate to less 
obvious settings pages.

NOTE: If you're on a Mac, you (currently) need to add 
Ctrl+Option+ to each of the shortcuts 
(Firefox on Mac is Function+Ctrl

Alt+?: Search
Alt+m: Compose a new message
Alt+1: Home page
Alt+2: Your profile page
Alt+3: Friend requests
Alt+4: Your messages
Alt+5: Notifications
Alt+6: Account page
Alt+7: Privacy
Alt+8: Facebook's Facebook page
Alt+9: Facebook Terms/Agreement
Alt+0: Facebook help center

he Geek notes, however, that the shortcuts work 
best in Chrome, and maybe Opera and Safari. 
In Firefox, you'll need to add a Shift key to 
the combination, so as not to trigger Firefox's own 
Alt-centered operations. On Internet Explorer, 
you'll have to press Enter after hitting each combination.