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How to check values inserted in SqliteDatabase

To check values inserted in SqliteDatabase

  • 1. Open DDMS Tab which is at extreme
    right corner of Eclipse Editor

  • 2. At left side there is Device panel
    Select the current emulator in that

  • 3. Open File Explorer tab

  • 4. Select the Data Folder

  • 5. In data Folder there is one more
    sub folder data open that folder

  • 6. Select your project

  • 7. In that you will d\find sub-folder
    as databases open that

  • 8. Here you will find your database.

  • 9. At right corner click on 1st icon show in
    picture, click on that. It will ask you the destination
    to store the database file, store where ever you want

  • 10. To check the values you need SQlite Browser

    Download SQlite Browser Here

    Screen shot is given for support

    Label - android

    by - Chinmay Mahajan

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